2023 KACL Schedule Grid


Kingsport Alliance for Continued Learning – Spring 2023 Schedule: March 14 – April 21
$25 per person until March 7, $30 per person beginning March 7
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10 a.m. until Noon
3/14 Gene and Mary Ellen Eubank: Historic Sites in Scotland (Cont.) 3/15 Gene and Mary Ellen Eubank: Historic Sites in Scotland (Cont.) 3/16 Rachel Lawson: SMILE Foster Closet
3/21 Dave Petke: Travel by Train 3/22 Lisa Rolen: The Dark Ages – The European Tipping Point 3/23 Carl Silverstein: Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy
3/28 Travis Williams: The Dead Sea Scrolls Research 3/29 Nick Shepherd: Tennessee Donor Services 3/30 Rick Currie: An Italian Excursion
4/4 Mike Stewart: Decision Making in Life-A Calculus 4/5 Frank Hahne: Boone Lake Association 4/6 Chris Vandergriff: Kingsport Fire Department’s Mission and Operations 4/21 FIELD TRIP: 10 a.m., Meet at Unicoi County Heritage Museum, 520 Federal Fish Hatchery Road, Erwin, Tennessee. Carpooling is encouraged.
4/11 Ted Olson: Scottish/Scots and Irish Influences Upon Appalachia 4/12 Fred Sauceman: Parallels and Divergences, The Lives and Literature of T. Capote and H. Lee 4/13 Brittany Fleenor: Branch House Family Justice Center
Catered Box Lunch: (Select your preference 1, 2 or 3, when you register) Total Cost: $20 CASH ONLY/Pay April 21
4/18 Jo Cullen: Autism, Challenges and Opportunities 4/19 Tori Gilliam: Domtar’s Present and Future Operations 4/20 Tom Lee: King’s Port,  Gateway to Tennessee Lunch Options:

1.Chicken Salad Croissant

2.Ham/Swiss 3.Chicken Salad/Lettuce

All meals with Chips/Cookie/Bottled Water

1:30-3:30 p.m.
No Tuesday Afternoon Classes 3/15 **Great Decisions: Iran at the Crossroads (M. E. Eubank) No Thursday Afternoon Classes **GREAT DECISIONS REGISTRATION:

Register for this class only with Joe Zoeller: kptgreatdecisions@gmail.com
3/22 Great Decisions: China and the United States (G. Preslar) and provide your name, email, and phone.  The $25 booklet payment may only be made by check, payable to
3/29 Great Decisions: Global Famine (R. Currie) the “Friends of the Kingsport Public Library.”  Get the booklets at the Kingsport Public Library, 400 Broad Street.
4/5 Great Decisions: Climate Migration (B. Funke)

Classes offered in person and via Zoom.

4/12 Great Decisions: Energy Geopolitics (L. Lynch)

For more information,                      please call (423) 354-5200.

4/19 Great Decisions: Economic Warfare (J. Zoeller)

Classes meet in KCHE Room 130.

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