Fall 2017

KACL Class Descriptions, Fall 2017

October 9 – November 16

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Monday 10:00 AM – Noon

October 9:  The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Text of the Bible.

Dr. Travis Williams, Associate Professor of Religion, Tusculum College, will explore the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and what they reveal about the nature of Scripture around the time of Jesus.


October 16:  All About Wines.  Dr. Ted Germroth, retired Senior Technical Fellow, Eastman Chemical Company, will discuss various aspects of wines:  types, origins, and uses.  Alas, no wine tasting.


October 23:  Staying Safe on the Internet.  Dr. Michael Lehrfeld, Assistant Professor, Department of Computing at ETSU, will speak about what can be at stake over the Internet and how we can help protect ourselves from having personal data hacked from our computers.



Monday, November 13, room 332 with Mr. Don Hudson:

10 a.m. – Noon “What is going on in the Middle East? Syria – Part 1

1:30 – 3:30 p.m. “What is going on in the Middle East? Syria – Part 2



Monday 1:30 – 3:30 PM

October 9:  Introduction to Saudi Arabia.  Mr. Ibrahim Althumiri, President of the Saudi Arabian student group (of about 400 students) at ETSU, will introduce us to the history, geography, political structure and customs of this important country in the Middle East.


Tuesday 10:00 AM – Noon

October 10:  The Sullivan County Family Justice Center.  Mrs. Karen Turnage Boyd, Site Coordinator, will discuss the development of the new center and what it offers for victims of domestic violence in Sullivan County.


October 17:  A Hand Up, not a Hand Out – Holston Habitat for Humanity.  Ms. Trish Patterson, Community Outreach Coordinator for Holston Habitat for Humanity.  Since 1985, Holston Habitat for Humanity (HHH) has united many in Northeast Tennessee to build over 270 homes, communities and hope.  Ms. Patterson will discuss the history and promise of HHH.



Tuesday 10:00 AM – Noon (continued)

October 24:  Exchange Place.  Field trip.  KACL will meet at Exchange Place in Kingsport for a presentation by volunteers about its mission, a tour of its facilities, followed by a catered lunch at noon.  Meet at Exchange Place.  Reservations will be required for the lunch.  There will be no afternoon class this day.


October 31:  Anne Armstrong – Pioneering Appalachian Business Woman.  Dr. Katie Hoffman, Executive Director of Create Appalachia.  Dr. Hoffman will tell us about Anne W. Armstrong, the first business woman to lecture at the Harvard Business School and at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.


November 14:  Discovering a Way Forward in Treating Drug Abuse.  Dr. Katherine Smith, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Tusculum College, will provide a review of the mechanisms and behaviors involved in drug abuse and their implications on treatment protocols.


Tuesday 1:30 – 3:30 PM

October 10:  Tulips and Windmills:  A Viking River Cruise. 

Mrs. Eileen Garner, retired teacher from Bristol, Virginia, will help us explore the history, culture, and beautiful spring flowers of the Netherlands and Belgium.


October 17:  A Member of the Tribe.  Dr. David Kashdan, retired Director of Chemicals Research, Eastman Chemical Company.  People have a strong desire to identify with a group, and political leaders have used, and still use, that desire to their own advantage.  Dr. Kashdan will discuss examples from European and American history, with visuals from his travels.



Tuesday 6:30 – 8:00 PM – Special Evening Sessions


October 10:  Total Joint Replacements.  Bruce Miller, M.D., Associated Orthopaedics of Kingsport, PC, will discuss the modern procedures of joint replacements, recovery and prognosis.


October 24:   Common Eye Conditions and their Treatment.  Anthony Seaton, M.D., Ph.D., with the Regional Eye Center®, will discuss conditions of the eye which may affect us and how they are treated with today’s medicine.


November 7:   Sleep Medicine.  Timothy Martin, DDS, with Martin Dentistry of Kingsport.  Dr. Martin will discuss conditions which impair sleeping, such as snoring and sleep apnea, and their treatment.


November 14: Alzheimer’s disease. Ms. Sharon Durnin, Administrator, Preston Place II and Certified Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia Care Trainer, Kingsport.  Ms. Durnin will explain some of the aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and the problems faced by patient and caregiver alike.


 Wednesday 10:00 AM – Noon

October 11:  Abolition: Ending the Slave Trade in the Atlantic World.  Dr. John Rankin, Professor, Department of History, ETSU.  This talk centers on British efforts to end the slave trade, including an evaluation of British abolitionists, their challenges and ultimate triumph, while also examining the operation of the British anti-slavery fleet.


Wednesday 10:00 AM – Noon (continued)

October 18:  History of the Tennessee Valley Authority.  Ms. Pat Bernard Ezzell, Senior Program Manager and Federal Preservation Officer, Community Relations, Tennessee Valley Authority.  Ms. Ezzell will offer us an illustrated history of TVA and explain its goals and its continuing effect on the Tennessee Valley.


November 8:  When Chemistry and Law Collide.  Dr. Dave Petke, retired Senior Technical Associate, Eastman Chemical Company.  Dave will describe for us the interactions of chemical regulations and manufacture of chemicals for industrial, illegal drug, and pesticide uses and will provide anecdotal examples of how these laws work to protect workers, users, and the environment.


November 15:  The Story Behind the Stories: Fairy Tales Across Culture and Time.  Dr. Hannah Harvey, internationally honored story-teller, will lead us through the world of storytelling and the place of fairy tales.


Thursday 10:00 AM – Noon

October 12 through November 16:  The Economic History of the World Since 1400.  Presented by Dr. Donald J. Harreld, Brigham Young University, the first sessions on this new (2016) course from The Great Courses was well received in the spring, 2017, KACL series.  The lectures continue:


  • October 12: Family Labor Evolves; Cornelius Vanderbilt and the Modern Firm; 19th Century Farm Technology and Land Reform
  • October 19: Speeding up:  Canals, Steamships and Railroads; European Urbanization and Emigration; Unions, Strikes and the Haymarket Affair
  • October 26: Banks, Central Banks, and Modern States; Uneven Economic Development; Adam Smith’s Arguments for Free Trade
  • November 2: Middle-Class Catalogs and Mass Consumption; Imperialism; WWI:  Industrial Powers Collide
  • November 9: Russia’s Marxist-Leninist Experiment; The Trouble with the Gold Standard; Tariffs, Cartels and John Maynard Keynes
  • November 16: Japanese Expansionism and the Manchurian Incident; U.S. Aid and a Postwar Economic Miracle; Colonialism and the Independence Movement


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