2023 KACL Fall Classes and Field Trips

KACL Class Descriptions, Fall 2023

October 10 – November 17

Tuesday 10 a.m. – Noon

October 10:  America’s National Park Service.  John Cook, retired regional director. John kept a keen eye on 87 park units in eight western states, stretching from the Canadian border to Mexico. He roamed the Southwest, the halls of Washington, the vastness of Alaska and foreign assignments. John will share his career and life experiences.

October 17:  News, Notes and Notions from Kingsport’s Newspapers during World War II. John Barrett, retired educator, East Tennessee native. John will use archived clippings from our local newspapers, as well as our collective memories, to take a look at the similarities and changes in presenting and evaluating local and world events.

October 24:  The Election Process at the County and State Levels. Jason Booher, Commissioner of Elections, Sullivan County, Tennessee.  Jason will provide an in-depth review of state law, voting equipment, and procedures that have resulted in the state of Tennessee being recognized as having the most secure elections in the nation and being ranked number one for election integrity. Bring your questions!

October 31:  What is Dobyns-Bennett’s (DB) Work-Based Learning Program?  Claire Arbaugh, DB’s Work-Based Learning Coordinator. Claire will discuss how this program provides opportunities for students to gain valuable workforce experiences in an intended career path, opportunities for local business and industry to host and mentor students in a variety of career pathways and how this program is helping our community to grow and develop our pipeline for workforce development.

November 7:  Friends of the Warrior’s Path State Park. Marty Silver, park naturalist and Jane Switzer, park ranger and Mary Steadman, charter member/co-creator of the friends’ group. Marty, Jane and Mary will present three different perspectives related to Tennessee’s most visited park. Marty will demonstrate how nature interpretation is an essential tool for protecting our wildlife neighbors and their habitats. Enjoy a sample nature discovery activity from our park’s award-winning interpretive program. Jane will share the mission of the park and her responsibilities to accomplish the goals of the park. Mary will share how our community can support Warrior’s Path Park’s mission and vision.

November 14: “Elihu Embree and the Emancipator: Principle vs. Practice.” Anne G’Fellers-Mason, executive director of the Heritage Alliance of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Anne, a published author, writes history-based plays for the Alliance and will explain how Embree’s two dichotomies existed at the same time and what they say about the abolitionist movement in East Tennessee.


Tuesday 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

October 10 through November 14:  The Apostle Paul: From Antioch to Zeal. Dave Petke, is a retired Eastman chemist and is active in studying and teaching church history and theology. Dave will navigate Paul’s journey from his birth in Tarsus to his death in Rome. Paul led a life which left us with many modern-day questions. The series, which may extend into the spring session, tries to summarize the who, what, when, where and why of Paul’s life as an apostle of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Christianity.  Questions and discussion are encouraged!


Wednesday 10 a.m. – Noon

October 11:  ETSU’s Tennessee Climate Office (TCO) Mission and Research. Andrew Joyner, Tennessee’s official climatologist. The mission of the TCO is to provide climate-related services to state, local and federal agencies, businesses and the citizens of Tennessee.  Andy compiles reports on everything from rainfall data to variations in temperature. He will discuss the history and role of TCO in climate research.

October 18:  Introduction to Birds and Birdwatching in our Area. Betty Bailey and Bill Grigsby, Birding Kingsport, A Chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society. This program will address two aspects of birdwatching specific to this area. The first aspect will show and describe those birds that are permanent residents here, those that are summer or winter visitors, and those that are transients passing through in the spring or fall.  The second aspect will address improving our ability to find and identify birds of this area.

October 25:  A Ukrainian Immigrant’s Perspective.  Yulia (Julia) Yaholnyk, Ukrainian immigrant.  Julia was born in Kharkiv City approximately 24 miles from the Russian border. She has been a witness to Russian propaganda throughout the years and has been involved in two revolutions: Orange Revolution, 2004 and the Revolution of Dignity/Maidan Revolution, 2014.  Julia will share her journey from Ukraine to America and her life in Ukraine.

November 1:  What is the Warriors-Walk?  Jeff Cassidy, Sheriff of Sullivan County.  Jeff will share his experiences on his recent Warriors-Walk. This walk, designed for security professionals, seeks to boost resiliency and enhance recovery through focused tours of Israel filled with Biblical studies, tactical training and intelligence briefings by renowned subject matter experts.

November 8:  Life in the Pits: A Celebration of Southern Barbecue. Food writer and frequent KACL speaker Fred Sauceman will take the class on a virtual tour of Southern barbecue joints, from vinegary whole hog in Eastern North Carolina to the Czech and German sausages of Texas. Along the way, Fred will discuss the white barbecue sauces of northern Alabama, Kentucky’s mutton tradition, the German-influenced mustard sauces of South Carolina, and the wet-versus-dry rib divide in Memphis. He’ll talk about variations of slaw across the South and conduct a survey of other side dishes, from the hushpuppies of the North Carolina Piedmont to the blue cheese dressing of Northeast Tennessee. Fred is the author of the book The Proffitts of Ridgewood:  An Appalachian Family’s Life in Barbecue and is a certified barbecue judge through the Kansas City Barbeque Society.

November 15:  Photographic Journey of Ireland, London, Somerset and Cornwall. Rick Currie, attorney, retired, and avid photographer. Rick will take us on another multi-media photographic journey illustrated with his beautiful photographs. Kingsport Times News spotlights many of Rick’s remarkable photos.  He is a favorite of KACL audiences.


Wednesday 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

October 25:  Uniting with Ukraine – Dance, Song and Celebration. (KCHE Auditorium)  The Ukrainian Cossack Dancers will entertain us with their energetic ethnic Cossack dances and Ukrainian songs.

November 1:  Kingsport Historical Society – History and Vision. Ken Marsh, Kingsport Historical Society president. The Kingsport Historical Society focus areas: to preserve the history of our area, to increase the interest in the history of our area, to promote fellowship and to foster the exchange of ideas.  Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 10 a.m. in the Eastman Board Room of the Kingsport Area Chamber of Commerce, located at 400 Clinchfield Street, in downtown Kingsport.  Annual dues are $10.

Thursday 10 a.m. – Noon

October 12:  Practical and Non-Extreme Energy Savers. Dan Chase, Eastman retiree, avid gardener and beekeeper.  Dan will explain how we can all help save the planet 1/8 of a teaspoon at a time.  He will discuss ways ordinary people can save the planet in Kingsport, Tennessee.  These are easy ideas which just about anyone can do and Dan will show the cumulative impact of all these little things on our planet.

October 19:  Tips for Reading and Appreciating Poetry. Jane Hicks, award-winning poet, teacher and quilter. As a form of communication, poetry should not be a secret or obscure. Some poems read easier than others, and no two poets approach writing the same way.  Jane will look at different kinds of poetry and approaches to reading, understanding, or at least, appreciating the art form. It will not hurt a bit!

October 26:  Sailing Adventures. Bill Murdoch, Eastman retiree and avid sailor.  Bill and his wife, Adair, have sailed on TVA lakes and the coastal waters of the Southeast Atlantic coast until retirement, then they bought a 34-foot sailboat and visited the Bahamas many times. Bill will share with us stories of his adventures, good times and occasional difficulties.  Visits include the less populated parts of this island nation with its beautifully clear waters, underwater treasures and friendly islanders.

November 2: The Latest from the United States Supreme Court. Leslie Lynch, retired trial attorney, represented primarily employers before the federal district, 9th circuit and supreme courts. Leslie will give an overview of the major decisions from the recent session (beginning October 2022) and illustrate how the court works and its place in the United States federal judicial system.

November 9:  The Recreational Vehicle (RV) Life and Highlights of our RV Experiences. Barney Brehl, retired Kingsport Press engineer.  Barney and his wife, Jeanie, are long-time members of KACL.  They will relate the happy and disastrous experiences of their camping life.  Barney and Jeanie have journeyed to many magnificent sites in America.  They will explain the different types of recreational vehicles, the RV lifestyle’s joys and challenges. Join them as they share some of their adventures!

November 16: History of Santa from Kingsport’s Santa Train. Don Royston, retired accountant, Dent K. Burk Associates PC.  Don, the Santa Train’s Saint Nick since 1999, will share the history and his experiences of the memories and the blessings in his over 20-year tenure as Santa. The Santa Train started as the Santa Special in Kingsport in 1943, near the end of World War II when folks needed a holiday pick-me-up.  At this time, leaders from the Model City came together to create a Christmas tradition that would provide smiles and candy to families throughout Appalachia and in some of the region’s coal towns.  The Santa Train has only included four Santas, including Don.


Monday, November 6, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. (approximate)

  • Museum of Appalachia, Clinton, Tennessee

  • Join your KACL friends for a delightful outing that includes an all-inclusive day in Old Appalachia with a full Southern Appalachian buffet meal and a one-hour live music program by the Museum of Appalachia Band and a self-guided tour of the museum!

  • Travel is provided by Premier Transportation chartered coach.

  • 8:30 a.m.: Meet at Ingles Market, 4335 Ft. Henry Drive, Kingsport, in Colonial Heights, to load the bus. Bus departs promptly at 8:45 a.m.

  • Registration Deadline: Friday, October 13 at Noon.

  • You must register in person at the ETSU/KACL office because of required field trip paperwork.

  • Cost: $35 per person (Cash or check payable to KACL, no credit cards).

Friday, November 17, 10:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. (approximate)

  • 10:30 a.m.: Meet at the National Weather Service, 5974 Commerce Boulevard, Morristown, Tennessee.

  • After touring the weather service, enjoy a “Dutch treat” lunch at the famous “Little Dutch Restaurant,” 115 S. Cumberland Street, in downtown Morristown.

  • After lunch, travel to nearby Rose Center Museum, 442 W. Second North Street, and enjoy a presentation by a visiting artist, tour the museum and galleries.

  • Registration Deadline: Friday, October 20 at Noon.

  • While there is no cost for this trip, museum donations are appreciated.

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