2023 KACL Fall Schedule Grid

Kingsport Alliance for Continued Learning – Fall 2023 Schedule: October 10 – November 17
$25 per person until October 3, $30 per person beginning October 3
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10 a.m. until Noon
10/10 John Cook: America’s National Park Service 10/11 Andrew Joyner: Tennessee Climate Office Mission and Research 10/12 Dan Chase: Practical and Non-Extreme Energy Savers Monday 11/06 Museum of Appalachia Field Trip, Clinton, Tennessee. Travel is by chartered bus.
10/17 John Barrett: News from Kingsport’s Newspapers during World War II 10/18 Betty Bailey and Bill Grigsby: Introduction to Birds and Birdwatching in our Area 10/19 Jane Hicks: Tips for Reading and Appreciating Poetry Cost: $35 per person.     You must register in person at the ETSU/KACL at Kingsport office because of required field trip paperwork.
10/24 Jason Booher: The Election Process 10/25 Yulia (Julia) Yaholnyk:   A Ukrainian Immigrant’s Perspective 10/26 Bill Murdoch: Sailing Adventures All-inclusive day with full Southern buffet meal and one-hour live music program by the museum band, and a self-guided tour of the museum!
10/31 Claire Arbaugh: What is Dobyns-Bennett’s Work-Based Learning Program? 11/01 Jeff Cassidy: What is the Warrior’s Walk? 11/02 Leslie Lynch: The Latest from the United States Supreme Court 8:30 a.m.: Meet at Ingles Market, 4335 Ft. Henry Drive, Kingsport, in Colonial Heights, to load the bus.
11/07 Marty Silver, Jane Switzer, Mary Steadman: Friends of  Warrior’s Path State Park 11/08 Fred Sauceman: Life in the Pits-A Celebration of Southern Barbecue 11/09 Barney and Jeanie Brehl: Highlights of our RV Experiences Bus departs promptly at 8:45 a.m. Registration Deadline: Friday, Oct. 13
11/14 Anne G’fellers-Mason: Heritage Alliance of NE Tennessee and SW Virginia 11/15 Rick Currie: Exploring Ireland, London, Somerset and Cornwall 11/16 Don Royston: History of Santa from Kingsport’s Santa Train
1:30-3:30 p.m.
10/10 Dave Petke: The Apostle Paul – From Antioch to Zeal 10/11 No Class No Thursday Afternoon Classes Friday 11/17 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m.:    Meet at the National      Weather Service,       5974 Commerce Blvd., Morristown, Tennessee
10/17 The Apostle Paul – From Antioch to Zeal (Continued) 10/18 No Class After touring the Weather Service, “Dutch treat” lunch at Little Dutch Restaurant, 115 S. Cumberland St.
10/24 The Apostle Paul – From Antioch to Zeal (Continued) 10/25 Uniting with Ukraine-Dance, Song and Celebration: KCHE Auditorium After lunch, travel to the Rose Center Museum,  442 W. Second North Street, and tour exhibits.
10/31 The Apostle Paul – From Antioch to Zeal (Continued) 11/01 Ken Marsh: Kingsport Historical Society Registration Deadline: Friday, October 20
11/07 The Apostle Paul – From Antioch to Zeal (Continued) 11/08 No Class KACL classes meet in KCHE Room 130. For more information,                      please call 354-5200.
11/14 The Apostle Paul – From Antioch to Zeal (Continued) 11/15 No Class RECORDING OF KACL  LECTURES IS PROHIBITTED. Website: kingsportlearning.org

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