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Special Online-Only Class for ETSU’s Winter Term 2017-2018

*”Appalachia and War: History and Regional Impact”

*APST/HIST 3520-W01    3 credit hours

 December 20, 2017January 14, 2018

Course Description:

 This course will survey the history of war in Appalachia from the earliest days of European settlement on the Appalachian frontier through the present day, including investigation of Appalachia-based battles of the major wars partly fought within Appalachia.  This course will elucidate the national forces (political, economic, and cultural) that led to those wars, and will also identify the specific Appalachian influences upon those larger conflicts.  A major focus of this course will be the exploration of the profound impact of war on the Appalachian region and on Appalachian culture generally and Appalachian people specifically.  To better understand the major roles of specific Appalachian people in national military campaigns, this course will investigate the contributions of such military heroes with strong regional ties as Daniel Boone, David Crockett, Stonewall Jackson, Alvin C. York, and Jessica Lynch.

We will investigate the subject of war in Appalachia from a range of disciplinary perspectives (i.e., with regular reference to history, the social sciences, folklore, music, literature, film, etc.).  Topics under discussion in this class will be illustrated through the use of multi-media (readings, recordings, videos, still photography, etc.) and through on-line discussions.

Downloadable PDF Flyer below:

War in Appalachia Class Flyer – Winter 17-18 – Final

For more information, please contact the instructor, Dr. Ted Olson of ETSU’s Department of Appalachian Studies, via olson@etsu.edu and 423-439-4379.

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