KACL at KCHE will start “In-Person” and “Zoom®” classes on Tuesday, October 20.   

Questions, please email: baysg@etsu.edu

Welcome to the Kingsport Alliance for Continuing Learning!

Do you like to have fun?

Informal learning without homework, tests, or grades?

The Kingsport Alliance for Continued Learning (KACL)

continuing education program of

East Tennessee State University (ETSU) at Kingsport

offers the opportunity to indulge your intellectual curiosity,

engage in discussion, and

enjoy a congenial setting among friends and neighbors. 


        Not familiar with KACL?    You may attend any one spring term or fall term class free.

KACL Spring and Fall Term Classes are

Located at the Kingsport Center for Higher Education

300 West Market Street. Kingsport, Tennessee 

(See Map)

Kingsport Alliance for Continued Learning (KACL), in partnership with East Tennessee State University at Kingsport, was established in 1993 to provide adults, regardless of educational background or age, opportunities to attend stimulating courses, lectures and special events. A volunteer board of directors manages KACL and board members often serve as instructors.  KACL greatly benefits from its ready access to ETSU faculty as they share their expertise in community outreach, as well as from talented local instructors with interesting topics.