KACL Spring 2021 Schedule Grid


Kingsport Alliance for Continued Learning – Spring 2021 Schedule: March 23 – April 30
$25 per person until March 15, $30 per person beginning March 15
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 AM until Noon
3/23 Dave Petke – The Apocalypse: Controversies and Meaning in Western History (DVD series) 3/24 No Class 3/25 Ted Olson – Coal Mining in Appalachia 3/26 Dave Petke – The Apocalypse
3/30 Dave Petke – The Apocalypse 3/31 Angie Hyche – Unholy Mess: What the Bible Says about Clutter 4/1 Dave Petke – The Apocalypse 4/2 KCHE Closed for Good Friday
4/6 Dave Petke – The Apocalypse 4/7 Sharon Petke – Review of the Writings of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 4/8 Mike Eastridge – Immigration Law 4/9 Dave Petke – The Apocalypse
4/13 Dave Petke – The Apocalypse 4/14 Jeff Bobo – Hawkins County: Our Neighbor to the West 4/15 Eric Landry – Faith-Based Community’s Role in Rehabilitation of Addiction 4/16 Dave Petke – The Apocalypse
4/20 Dave Petke – The Apocalypse 4/21 Art Brown – By Hand: The Re-emergence of Letterpress Printing in a Digital World 4/22 No Class 4/23 Dave Petke – The Apocalypse
4/27 Dave Petke – The Apocalypse 4/28 Chris Ramsey – Sullivan County Extension Office 4/29 No Class 4/30 Dave Petke – The Apocalypse
1:30-3:30 PM
3/23 Scott Sluder – Changing the Paradigm: Transporting People and Goods in the 21st Century 3/24 **Great Decisions: The End of Globalization (G. Preslar) 3/25 Jason Booher – The Election Process at the County and State Levels **GREAT DECISIONS REGISTRATION:  Register for this class only with Joe Zoeller at jzoeller@chartertn.net and provide your name, email, and phone.
3/30 Ron Zucker – The Pacific Northwest 3/31 Great Decisions: Brexit and the European Union          (L. Lynch) 4/1 Dottie Blades – Dealing with Pandemic Fatigue The booklet is sold out at the library. Please note that you can order directly from the Great Decisions Foreign Policy Association Website: https://www.fpa.org/great_decisions/
4/6 Cornelia Orth – Symphony of the Mountains 4/7 Great Decisions: China’s Role in Africa      (R. Currie) 4/8 No Class How to order from the website:  Select Bookstore and the first item is “Great Decisions Material 2021 Briefing Book.” Participants can have the booklet shipped directly.
4/13 Rick Currie – Bordeaux and Southwestern France 4/14 Great Decisions: Persian Gulf Security Issues          (M. E. Eubank) 4/15 Ned Jilton – East Tennesseans at the Battle of Shiloh Great Decisions 2021 Briefing Book
Publication Date: January 01, 2021
Price: $32.00
Item #: FPA31705
ISBN #: 978-0-87124-275-4
4/20 Dan Moore – Flying and the Guinness Book of World Records 4/21 Great Decisions: Struggles Over the Melting Arctic           (D. Cornell) 4/22 No Class For more information,                      please call 354-5200.
4/27 No Class 4/28 Great Decisions: Global Supply Chains and National Security      (D. Petke) 4/29 Brianne Wright – The Kingsport Archives

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